Frequently Asked Questions


How to I register my employees?

In order to bulk register multiple attendees, you will need to request to be the Agency Manager by sending an email to (more than 1 per Agency is allowed). Upon approval, you will be able to register multiple participants from your agency, when they have the correct agency ID in their profile.

How do I register for a course?

Use the “how-to” register guide (attach guide) or watch this instructional video.

Why can’t I register my employees?

Like other schools, the attendee is responsible for enrolling in their courses, and the new system is compliant with the most recent data protection laws.

I registered myself as opposed to my employee, what do I do?

You need to cancel the registration of yourself and register the correct attendee. If you registered yourself and paid with a credit card, send an email to to request a voucher for the class which will be for the full amount of the class. You can then register the participant under their account, or via the bulk registration process.

How do I bulk upload my attendees?

  1. Ensure each attendee has an account within the Training Portal (here is the how-to video for getting those setup:

    1. You can start the account creation on behalf of your new-hires and choosing a password for them (which can be changed after they start).

      1. When using their new work email address, have your IT department "Confirm the email"

      2. When using their personal email address, have the new-hire ‘Confirm the email’ the email they receive; (refer to :38 of video for email example)

    2. Once the email is verified, login as each attendee an update their account profile with your Agency ID (refer to 1:08 of the video)

  2. After all accounts have been created, log into the Training Portal as YOU (the verified Agency Manager) and select the class/classes that they will attend.

    1. Where you will UNSELECT yourself from attending and SELECT those you wish to have attend that specific training.


How do I pay with a PO?

You need to have your agency ID in your profile in order to use the PO Option. With this information, the PO box will populate when checking out. If you do not already have a PO number, you can simply put “bill me later” for your agency to be billed after the course. Without an agency ID, you must pay with a credit card.

How do I become the agency manager for my company?

To become an agency manager, a necessary role to be able to bulk register attendees, you need to email and request to become the agency manager.


How do I search for classes?

You can use the search function when logged into the website, searching by state, date range, discipline, and course number. You can also look for classes by clicking on the desired discipline.

How do I find out my Agency ID?

You will need to email, who can provide you with your correct Agency ID.

How do I submit a class application?

Go to and before logging in, select the "Host Your Own Course" tab on the top right of the page. From here, fill out the form to host a course.

I want to become an instructor, what do I do?

If you are interested in being an instructor, contact Bonni Stockman,, and request the most recent requirements.

I need to cancel my class, can I get a refund?

Priority Dispatch only issues class vouchers to be used for another course within 1 year. We do not issue refunds.